Apr 14, 2009

Prado Framework

Prado Framework New Features

This page summarizes the main new features that are introduced in each PRADO release.
Version 3.1.3

* Added Drag and drop controls
* Added TActiveDatePicker control

Version 3.1.2

* Added a new active control TActivePager that allows to paginate a databound control with an ajax callback.
* Added TFirebugLogRoute to send logs to the Firebug console

Version 3.1.1

* Added a new control TTabPanel that displays tabbed views.
* Added a new control TKeyboard that displays a virtual keyboard for text input.
* Added a new control TCaptcha that displays a CAPTCHA to keep spammers from signing up for certain accounts online. A related validator TCaptchaValidator is also implemented.
* Added a new control TSlider that displays a slider which can be used for numeric input.
* Added a new control TConditional that conditionally displays one of the two kinds of content.
* Added Oracle DB support to Active Record.
* Added support to TDataGrid to allow grouping consecutive cells with the same content.
* Added support to allow configuring page properties and authorization rules using relative page paths in application and page configurations. Added support to allow authorization based on remote host address.
* Added a new page state persister TCachePageStatePersister. It allows page state to be stored using a cache module (e.g. TMemCache, TDbCache, etc.)
* Added support to the auth framework to allow remembering login.
* Added support to display a prompt item in TDropDownList and TListBox (something like 'Please select:' as the first list item.)
* Added support to column mapping in Active Record.

Version 3.1.0

* Added seamless AJAX support. A whole array of AJAX-enabled controls, called active controls, are introduced. The usage of these active controls is very similar to their non-AJAX counterparts, i.e., plug in and use. For more details, see the tutorial about active controls.
* Added complete database support.
* Added new controls, modules and services, including TSoapService, TOutputCache, TSessionPageStatePersister, TFeedService, TJsonService, cache dependency classes, TXmlTransform.
* Enhanced some data controls with renderers. Renderer enables reusing item templates that are commonly found in TRepeater, TDataList and TDataGrid, and makes the configuration on these controls much cleaner. For more details about renders, see the updated tutorials on TRepeater, TDataList and TDataGrid.
* Added support to allow including external application configurations. Enhanced template syntax to facilitate subproperty configuration.
* Added TDbUserManager and TDbUser to simplify authentication and authorization with user accounts stored in a database.

More info please, visit: Prado Framework Homepage


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